Valley Teens Sentenced for a Brutal Beating

Visalia, CA Brothers Chris and Ryan Pavone and their friend Juan Rubio were all given separate sentences ranging from six months to a year in jail for beating up a freshman last year and sending him to the hospital.

It was a painful resolution for both the victim and the suspects who are looking forward to finally moving on.

15-year old Bryan Gerdes and his family feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Bryan Gerdes, Victim: "You know today having all this over with I don't have to worry about going to court anymore or seeing them at school or anything I can just move on and be a kid again and hang out with friends and don't have to worry about all this stuff."

Gerdes said the former wrestlers were still stopping by the high school weight room even after they were expelled. The family of Chris and Ryan Pavone and Juan Rubio left court in tears after watching the young men get handcuffed and taken away to jail. Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom.

Gerdes' jaw was broken in two places. His nose was broken, as well. His jaw was wired shut. Chris and Ryan Pavone's mom and step-mom apologized to Gerdes and his family after the sentencing. Gerdes' mother says the fight was difficult for all of the families involved.

Sara Smith, Bryan Gerdes' Mother: "Hopefully this message will be sent out to other young adults and adults alike that violence isn't acceptable and that there are consequences."

Administrators at Porterville High School refused to comment on the case but say a fight like the one involving the Pavones is a rare occurrence on campus. Students who still remember the shocking fight say it seemed out of character for the Pavone brothers and Juan Rubio.

Vanessa Gomez, Porterville H.S. Student: "I'm sad. They're so young with so much life to go forward and theyre going to jail."

In addition to jail, the three suspects must also take anger management classes and eventually, try and pay for the almost $6-thousand dollars in medical expenses to fix Bryan Gerdes' jaw.

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