Extreme Gift For Valley Man

4/26/2008 Kerman, CA The Garcia family got an emotional sendoff Saturday morning. Hundreds of people caught them off guard by showing up to do a complete makeover on their home.

But the family won't be there to see it. The "Mission Remodel" volunteers are sending the Garcia's to Disneyland for a week while they complete the first phase of the makeover.

Joe Garcia suffered severe burns in a gas tanker fire four years ago in San Joaquin. He was one of two injured workers carried away from the scene on stretchers after static electricity sparked an explosion.

He's gotten a lot better over the last four years and he says the makeover honored, and shocked him. "Never had a clue. This is totally a surprise. Used to see it on the TV, but never expected to have something like that happen to us. It just shows the caliber of friends and church family that we have."

Sharon Weld, "Mission Remodel" Volunteer, says "When the explosion happened, we all took it very hard. But he has shown his Christian faith throughout the whole thing. It's been unbelievable how he's kept his faith."

While the Garcia's are at Disneyland, crews will remodel the inside of their house with murals and landscaping. They'll eventually get an expanded house, with a new master bathroom, closets, an outdoor kitchen, and air conditioning.

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