Two More Arrests Made In Hanford High School Pipe Bomb Explosion

Hanford, CA One of the students was arrested at about 11:00 a.m. while he was here at school. Mondays arrest brings the total number of students involved in the bombing to four. They are all boys ranging from 15 to 17 years old. Police say the students are scared but cooperating.

Students at Hanford High School say they're shocked that two more of their classmates have been arrested in connection with last week's pipe bomb explosion.

Devlynn Silvera, Student: "It's crazy that people would even think about doing something in their own school."

Melissa Hulbert, Student: "It was crazy like no one knew what was happening until people started texting and it started going all around school and stuff."

Hanford police arrested a 16 and 17 year old on Monday. One at school, the other was brought in by his parents. A bomb squad surrounded this house near the school on Friday, when authorities arrested a 15 and 16 year old in relation to the explosion. Chief Carlos Mestas says the two arrested Monday are charged with setting off a homemade pipe bomb that could have caused serious injuries.

Carlos Mestas, Hanford Police Chief: "The large part of the galvanized pipe bomb actually flew over 100 feet and so it is an extremely dangerous device that could have killed somebody very easily."

Mestas says during their investigation, they also confiscated other destructive material at one student's home. School officials say none of the four teens in custody were seen as troublemakers.

William Fishbough, Superintendent: "We didn't know of any sign ahead time that there were any indicators that this type of activity would take place to the best of our knowledge."

School officials say attendance at Hanford High was back to normal levels Monday.

The four arrested students are facing felony charges. Which means they could face jail or even prison time, the students are all expected to be arraigned by Wednesday.

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