Protect Your Rebate from Scam Artists

Fresno, CA With gas and oil prices going up, and food prices rising as a result. Some families may find their rebate checks don't go very far. Individuals are eligible for up to 600 dollars Married couples could see a check for 12-hundred dollars, and there's a maximum of 300 dollars per child. In a recent exclusive action news poll conducted by SurveyUSA more than sixty percent of Valley residents plan to use the check to pay off bills or for every day expenses. But if you're one of those who don't need the money or think you should share it a little money could go a long way to help the community.

Dana Wilkie/Community Food Bank: "For every dollar we get we can turn that into eight dollars worth of food. So that's a great return on investments."

Dana Wilkie of the Community Food Bank in Fresno says her organization feeds 50-thousand people every week but they could do more if they had the money. Most non-profits know money is tight but even ten or twenty dollars in discretionary income could liven up the local art scene.

Cynthia Cooper/Coalition for Arts, Science and History: "So we want them to go ahead and think about buying those season tickets to the opera that they've been wanting to for years or say "yes" that they'll buy a table for the Gala for St. Agnes Hospital.

There are those who will be after your rebate check before you spend it the Better Business Bureau says watch out for phoney emails.

Cindy Dudley/Better Business Bureau: "You'll receive an email where someone wants to confirm your bank information, your account number your routing number those kinds of things. If you receive that kind of an email it's a scam."

Cindy Dudley Director of business services at the BBB, says neither the IRS or nor your bank need that information.

Now if you're one of those expecting a check in the mail, keep a close eye on your mailbox. Since the mailout dates are public information others will be watching your mailbox too.

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