River Rock Burglars

Fresno, CA It's the fifth burglary in the area in a month & a half and Fresno police believe the same group of hooded thieves is behind them all.

El Mercado grocery store owner Rigo Villa said, "They say it's just a matter of time they're going to make a mistake and get them." Hitting Villa's supermarket may have been their biggest mistake. He said, "It's not cheap but it's really worth it."

The store owner invested about 15-thousand dollars into his security and surveillance system for times like this. Now police are counting on you to help them identify these guys.

Fresno Police Public Information Officer Jeff Cardinale said, "Video surveillance is going to be one of the big police tools of the future. More and more places have it and they're becoming less and less expensive." After the burglars hit this grocery store on East Olive the owner had these metal roll up doors installed hoping to keep thieves away.

The thieves went straight for the alcohol, cigarettes and cash register. Police offer business owners this advice to avoid becoming a target. "You can leave your cash register in the store but leave the till open and no money in the drawer because when these thieves walk by they'll look inside the business and case it and if they see an open cash register with no money inside they're going to move on", said Cardinale.

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