Immigration Marches around the Country

5/2/2008 Fresno, CA This year's protest proved to be much calmer than last year's, which ended in violent clashes with police. This year, demonstrators described police as being polite.

To the north in the Bay Area, dozens of high school students rallied in Oakland. Between 75 and 100 students from four different schools walked out of their classes and marched through the streets, pushing for immigration reform.

Police officers followed the large group of teens, but made no arrests.

In Chicago, the day's protest was loud but peaceful. Up to 15,000 people gathered for a downtown rally before they marched through the city streets. Police made no arrests, however a few onlookers heckled the demonstrators.

On the east coast, hundreds protested at a rally in Providence Rhode Island. They urged the governor to rescind his new executive order cracking down on illegal immigrants. The governor's order requires state police to investigate the immigration status of people they encounter.

Protesters say immigration reform is a federal responsibility, not a state one, and the order could harm families if illegal immigrants are deported.

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