May Day Rally

Fresno, CA People are expected to gather at the Fulton Mall around three o'clock and begin marching at six. Rally organizers handed out 20-thousand fliers in several surrounding cities promoting tomorrow's event. Hermilia Llamas feels she's helping cut a path for millions of immigrants wanting to become Americans, including her. She said, "I feel honored making the U.S. flags. It gives me hope knowing they may help millions of immigrants who want to keep their families intact and stay in the U.S."

Hundreds will carry them during the march for immigrant rights Thursday at the Fulton Mall in downtown Fresno. Activist Leonel Flores said, "It's time for people to have an immigration reform and to provide a legal way for people who are here."

Flores is spearheading this year's May Day rally. Back in 2006, millions of people in 150 cities around the country marched for immigrant rights. They wore white, boycotted work, school and buying gas. They plan to do it again this year. Robert Flores who plans to march said, "It takes things like this to get people's attention. A lot of times we have to do things that a lot of people will disagree with."

Flores said he'll be rallying in memory of his late dad who marched alongside Cesar Chavez during the farm labor movement. Student Connie Rincon says she'll be there too. "Yeah I think it would make a difference because it would help them in the long run to get a lifestyle, have money in their pocket, get a bank account, and put their kids in college."

Activists say they want the presidential candidates to hear their voices, put aside the partisan politics and finally create a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Thursday's events start at 3 PM at the Fulton Mall tower clock. At 5 PM there will be speakers and music followed by the march at 6pm. The route will passes city hall, the federal courthouse, and the immigration office before going back to the Fulton Mall around seven o'clock.

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