Threatening Lyrics

5/2/2008 Fresno, CA Joshua Fong said he hoped to create buzz in the city by posting his song on MySpace. Fong identified himself as a music producer, but the deadly threats eventually landed him back in prison.

Violent lyrics lace the song titled "FPD Killa." It sends a message that not even the steps of city hall are safe for Fresno Mayor Alan Autry and Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Lyrics from the song:
"Jerry Dyer on TV 'til the magnum will down him
Right in front of city hall, then I'm clappin' at Alan"

Joshua Fong posted the song on his MySpace page under a section titled "my guarantee parole violation". He calls "FPD Killa" "the most controversial song in Fresno history." A 10 second clip makes a chilling threat towards the mayor.

Lyrics from the song:
"When da fifty unloads- I'll turn his chest into cheese
When your bodys stiff and cold try to get me to freeze
I won't stop til Alan Autry's dead restin' in peace
(Expletive) Jerry Dyer and every single Fresno Police."

Criminologist Eric Hickey says, "That's a threat, that's a direct threat, so there has to be intervention." Hickey believes the song is not protected by free speech. He said, "As an artist, expressing frustration is one thing, but to threaten people's lives and want them dead that's not art. That's terrorism. That's violence."

Police searched Fong's Southeast Fresno home in April. There, they discovered the song's lyrics written by hand. According to court documents, police learned Fong was on parole for receiving stolen metals. He was arrested for associating with gangs and depicting himself with a weapon. Authorities never discovered a gun in the home. Police eventually sent Fong back to state prison.

The song is no longer available on MySpace, but its threats can still be found on other websites.

Lyrics from the song:
"Got the town more hot than the tip of a torch
(expletive) Jerry Dyer- I'll turn that punk (expletive) to a corpse"

Since Fong is already in prison, Investigators are not filing charges because of the threatening song.

Mayor Autry didn't return our calls for a comment, and the police chief was out of town today. An investigator said they don't know if the threat still exists because investigators don't know how many people heard the song.

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