Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

5/4/2008 Clovis, CA 16-year-old Jacque Greene of Fresno said she began dancing with a folklorico group when she was just 2. "It's really fun. It's really exciting. I don't get nervous anymore. It's just fun," said Greene.

Jacque's little sister, Kelly, still fights her nerves occasionally, though. "Sometimes when I dance it makes me nervous. But I'm getting used to it," said 10-year-old Kelly.

The folklorico dancers wore costumes and danced to music from the Niyarit region of Mexico Sunday. Through dancing, they're sharing part of Mexico's history and learning more about their culture. "It's just like tap and jazz. There's a lot of shuffles and pounding. And you have to shake your hips and shoulders a lot. It's just really fun. It's just a part of the culture and everything," said Jacque Greene.

4-year-old Devin and 3-year-old Paige Rippeon of Caruthers were among the youngest folklorico dancers to perform for the Clovis crowd Sunday. Their mother was once a folklorico dancer and now drives them into Fresno once a week for practice. "I just love the culture. So my daughter, I threw here right in, as soon as she was of age," said Stephanie Flores.

The folklorico dancers are in high demand every Cinco de Mayo weekend but perform throughout the year. It's all about a love for dance, and the Mexican culture.

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