"Next Gen Politics" A Useful Guide for Valley Voters

Fresno, CA It's easy to get mixed signals from candidates, especially when political ads hit the air. But with the election less than a month away, our "Next Gen Politics" guide gives Valley voters a chance to hear from the candidates themselves.

ABC-30 offered every candidate in every major race the chance to make a five-minute video statement. People like Fresno Mayoral candidate Jerry Duncan talk about why they should be elected. On the website Duncan said "The fact that you are on this website shows that you understand the critical importance of this decision."

The process allows voters to become more informed on the issues and especially the candidates by hearing their views.

ABC-30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said "They don't normally get that opportunity other than through commercials, which are so biased one way, so negative. By having the candidates speaking directly to the voter I think it's more informative."

Most but not all of the candidates in races around the Valley took advantage of the free air-time and the chance to reach the public.

The idea is to have you well-prepared and ready to cast your ballot as soon as you reach the polling place. Capozzi said "Many times all the information a voter has is what's in the voter pamphlet and that is just a statement by the candidate as to their particular views and their limited in what they can say."

Candidates were also asked to answer your questions on the biggest issues facing the Valley.

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