Emergency Sex Offender Legislation

5/7/2008 Fresno, CA The location that worries families the most is on Mcall, near Barstow. One sexual predator was already dropped off at the home on Mcall by mistake.

Neighbors claim strangers are coming and going in the area so they asked county supervisors to pass an emergency ordinance.

Tuesday, the board approved a tougher county law that would keep convicted sex offenders 3,000 feet away from schools and playgrounds. "We're talking about sexual predators, that's what we're trying to prevent from getting closer to these folks. That's all we're trying to do. I think it is an emergency it's dealing with their children and their lives as we speak," said Fresno County Supervisor Bob Waterson.

The ordinance also expands safe zones to include child care centers, libraries and bus stops. Supervisors said the new restriction is the first step toward closing a loophole in state law.

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