One Bullet, Two Victims

Fresno, CA Police say the bullet that came out through the back of her head, pierced through a neighbor's apartment and just grazed the neighbor in the back. She didn't want to talk on camera but she told Action News she was sitting in bed on the phone when she felt something brush against the back of her gray shirt. She looked down and saw a bullet. Not knowing if there was more to come she says she hit the floor and called 911.

Lt. Herman Silva says police got a bizarre response when they went to the apartment where the shot was fired from. Lt Silva quoted the man who opened the apartment door as saying 'No, I don't know what happened officers but I do have a gun in my pocket.'

Police arrested that man and say it got even stranger inside the apartment. Lt Silva said, "In a bedroom they see a male standing over a female who's laying on the bed and bleeding from the mouth profusely and appears to have a bullet wound to the back of her head. He claims it was an accident."

Both men seemed unfazed, the lieutenant said. And that raised a lot of red flags for investigators. "Just they're very unconcerned attitude about a victim that had just been shot in the mouth, obviously a very serious injury, bleeding profusely and no one's calling and no one's too concerned."

The neighbor who was grazed by the bullet is a criminology student at Fresno City College. She told Action News "God was protecting me this morning."

Police say both men inside the apartment during the shooting are under arrest but haven't been charged as of late Monday afternoon. Police want to get to the bottom of whether this is an accidental shooting or an attempted homicide.

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