California Lottery Has a Change of Heart

Fresnians, Fresnans, or Fresno Residents?
Fresno, CA Tuesday night on action news, we first showed you this billboard on Highway 99 near Herndon.

It says over 15-thousand "Fresnians" win the lotto every month. It's a term we've never heard of before.

A lottery official Tuesday night claimed the Fresno Chamber of Commerce was responsible for telling them "Fresnans" are known as "Fresnians."

But chamber CEO Al Smith says that's not the case. He says lottery officials just don't want to admit they made a mistake.

Al Smith, Chamber of Commerce CEO: "There's about twelve people on our staff. We talked to everybody and asked, did the lottery ever call you? Never heard anything, we've been called Fresno. I've heard people called Fresnoids, Fresyesians maybe but never Fresnians."

Action news contacted the California Lottery again late Wednesday and an official there says the sign will soon be fixed and will say "Fresno residents" instead.

The lottery wouldn't comment on who is to blame for this mix-up or how much it will cost to fix.

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