San Joaquin River Restoration Moves Forward

May 8, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
The effort to restore the San Joaquin River took a big step forward.A Senate committee approved legislation to bring back the salmon run, and more water for farms.

The legislation had been stalled for nearly two years, but the latest measure deals with agricultural concerns, and is a sign the legislation is back on track. "We have a lot of folks that are working very hard in a belief that we can restore the river and make it possible to restore a salmon run and at the same time protect the interest of Friant growers," said Randy McFarland with the Friant Water Users Authority.

The Senate measure differs from a House version in providing the re-use of river water for farmers.

Congress must now work out the differences between the measures, but supporters are optimistic the restoration of the San Joaquin River is moving forward.