Drivers Take Advantage of Gas Giveaway

5/10/2008 Merced, CA Radio station 104.7FM gave away $25 worth of free gas to the first 50 cars that lined up at the Chevron station on Olive Avenue and R Street after they announced the location of the giveaway.

Traffic was backed up for nearly a mile, and police eventually closed off one entrance to the station. There was some honking and yelling as drivers tried to secure a spot in line, but there were also a lot of very happy people.

Action News was there when the 50th customer found out she was the last person to receive free gas.

Lanicka Artis, free gas recipient, says "It was worth it. I was just afraid for some of the other people that they were gonna get in an accident to get here, but I made it."

Hot 104.7 recently started giving away gas every Friday, but this was the first station to take part in Merced.

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