Motorists Spared Out-Of-Pocket Expense for Diesel Fuel Mixup

Fresno, CA Some who filled up with the bad gas were first told to have their cars flushed and then they would be reimbursed. But some companies are taking a more pro-active approach.

Mechanics have been busy draining the diesel mix that caused cars to sputter and stall. Fuel filters have also been replaced. The service costs between 200 and 400 dollars.

Jack Smith had to have his car towed to the good guys shop in Clovis. Smith said "The doggone thing it would die again but finally I put it in reverse and gave it a lot of gas and shot out the garage, which is dangerous but I got it out."

It was a major inconvenience but Smith didn't have to pay out of pocket. Smith filled up at Bad Bud's in North Fresno on Friday. After confirming he had bought bad gas, the station gave him a claim number and told him to bring the car to Good Guys to have his fuel tank flushed. Smith said "Then he will take and do the work and he will bill the insurance and I will have nothing to do with paying the bill."

But not all gas companies move at the same pace. Joe Ingalls of Good Guys auto repair shop said "What we've heard is all the stations that are having the problems that have pumped the bad gas have insurance and they're trying to take care of the customers. We're trying to take care of it on this end."

The corporate office of this Fastrip station in west-central Fresno is trying to develop a similar deal with Pep Boys.

In the meantime, the station is directing customers who bought tainted gas to Kinder-Morgan's claim service office.

The tainted gas came from the Kinder-Morgan fuel facility in south Fresno. The company says it still doesn't know how the mixup occurred.

16 tanker trucks brought the diesel mix to stations ranging from the Costco in Merced to a Valero station in Fresno to Flyers in Visalia.

The owner of the Fastrip station is asking people to be patient that a workable plan will be in place hopefully by Tuesday.

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