Bullard High School Undergoing Renovations

Fresno, CA The 199-million dollar bond has already paid for four new schools and five-hundred school improvement projects.

The campus currently undergoing some major renovations and how those improvements could keep some students from leaving the district.

For school board member Michelle Asadoorian returning to her Alma Mater when her own daughter arrived at Bullard High School was disheartening.

Michelle Asadoorian: "The same institutional green draperies, the same flooring, the same cabinets but 30 years older and in much need of repair."

Now she's glad to be a part of a board that is helping guide major changes and improvements at Bullard and throughout the district thanks to Measure K.

Ruthie Quinto, FUSD Acting Superintendent: Ruthie Quinto: "Not just the simple stuff like new floors and new ceilings but updated with the proper access to technology the proper equipment in the labs so that kids have a way to truly get the most out of their education."

Already the district has built four new schools and modernized twelve others. Bill and Patricia Bopp are excited their children will get to benefit from the improvements.

Patricia Bopp: "Our daughter will probably get the full experience because she's got a couple more years but he'll probably get to see it in the latter part of his years, but at least they are doing something and that's great for the kids."

Some of the renovations currently underway at Bullard are new roofs, new paint, better access for the disabled and new technology.

Jessica Williams/Students Body Pres: "I know in some of my classrooms the tiles are falling apart, or were but now the improvements will be great."

A new swimming pool is also in the design phase. As well as a new track field, two projects that school and district officials hope will keep students from moving to schools with better athletic facilities.

Glenn Starkweather, Bullard Principal: "By having facilities that are competitive and on par with our neighbors. Then the attraction with our educational program here, would make it much more appealing for students to stay."

Asadoorian: "My belief is that when a child walks onto a campus that is clean, safe, secure they it enhances their learning it is definitely tied into student achievement and student learning."

The district's goal is to complete one-thousand improvement and construction projects with Measure K and state funding by the end of the 10-year program.

Improvements at Bullard High should be complete in two and half years.

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