Funeral Money Taken with Repossessed Car

5/14/2008 Fresno, CA The donations were inside the trunk of a car that was repossessed in front of the family's apartment. Family members say they are fine parting with the car, but not the priceless contents.

The baby's aunt, Jamie Caldera tells Action News at last count they raised over $500 dollars to help pay for a headstone for the baby. "He shouldn't be with the Lord, he should still be here with us. But since he's with the Lord- the donations that the community gave us for him, are now gone too," said Caldera.

The baby boy died April 18th, after his mother called 911 to report her son was unresponsive. Interviews and an autopsy revealed the child was fatally injured. His father, Eddie Hamilton is being held for the infant's murder.

The baby's mother, Lashonda caldera was initially arrested and then cleared of any crime. The circumstances alone have been devastating to Caldera's family members and now this. "It's back, you know what I mean- the pain, the hurt, you know just wanting to cry and stuff, it's all back," said Caldera.

Family members say they've tried getting in touch with the people who repossessed the car. So far, they have been without success.

For now, they are making new plans of raising the money, all over again. "Car washes if we have to, mow lawns. Walk dogs, babysit, whatever we could do. You know, we have to," said Caldera.

Family members said they kept the donations in the car, because they felt the money was safest there. It's a decision, they now regret.

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