Finch Case May Settle

Fresno, CA Finch now relies on a wheel chair to move around. He came to court on Thursday surrounded by family and friends, a support system that got him through nearly 6 months of pain. Cliff Finch became emotional when he talked about all the support he received, "Thank you for their prayers..." His son Andy Finch completed his thoughts and said, "That's enough right there. Thank the community for their prayers and support."

Andy is a well know Olympic snow boarder. He's continues to compete in the midst of his father's struggle to recover from a September shoot out with Fresno police. Investigators say the defendant started a wild car chase that wound through Fresno. Finch is accused of using two guns to shoot at police. Officers returned fire striking the defendant several times. Finch said of that day, "Obviously, I got a whoopin. It's tough, tough getting around."

Finch didn't talk about the crime, but in the past his family said he suffered from a mental illness relating to his service in the military. Finch faces several charges including attempted murder of a police officer. In court, his attorney Ralph Torres told the judge they're trying to settle the case. Torres said, "He'll never be a hundred percent. He's tied to a wheel chair. His life is never going to be the same. All the circumstances here don't require a trial."

Cliff Finch returns to court in two weeks. At that time, he should know if his case settles or goes to trial.

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