Residents Complain About Neighborhood Park

5/19/2008 Merced, CA But the people who live just across the street from all the activity say the noise and number of cars have gotten out of control. And now they've asked the city to do something about it.

The Parks and Recreation Department has met with people on both sides of the issue and is recommending the council temporarily move the games to another part of the park that's farther away from the street and nearby homes.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is also suggesting the city find a permanent home for the playing fields at another location.

City spokesperson Mike Conway says right now the best option appears to be a new park that's set to be built in south Merced in about two years. "We've got a 40 acre regional park that will have plenty of room for these courts and that will alleviate the problem we have right now."

The council will vote Monday night on whether to approve the recommendation to move these fields farther into the park and eventually into the south Merced regional park.

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