Valley Soldier Murdered

5/20/2008 Squaw Valley, CA A representative from the Fort Benning Army base in Columbus, Georgia says a fellow soldier is accused of fatally stabbing 23- year old Ricky Bulmer. The killing happened in the base barracks.

Relatives say Bulmer wanted nothing more in life than to join the army. He left his hometown of Squaw Valley May 5th for Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Bulmer had been in basic training for about two weeks when his sister says, Sunday night he walked in on a soldier doing something wrong in the barracks. Ashley Salazar, sister, says "My brother had confronted him for trying to break into other soldiers' lockers and as soon as he confronted him the other soldier immediately attacked him."

She says the soldier stabbed Ricky several times. He died early Monday morning.

Fort Benning authorities say 19 year old George McDonald from Floyd, Virginia is facing charges of premeditated murder, assaulting another soldier, and resisting apprehension.

Cici Bulmer, sister, says "I'm starting to wonder what the screening process is for the military and how did he get in there, somebody like this."

"It's just crazy because you don't think that kind of stuff happens in basic training," says Ashley. She knows all about the rigorous introduction to the military, she joined the army a few years ago.

Ricky and his four siblings were adopted by a family with a long military history. His sisters told me he was crushed when a recruiter told him he couldn't enlist because of the metal rod in his leg. Desperate to wear a military uniform he had the metal rod surgically removed and brought it to the recruiter.

Bulmer had gotten married just two months ago and has a baby on the way.

His family says the military should fly his body back later this week and will wait until then to make funeral arrangements.

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