Oxycontin Leads to a Valley Teen's Death

5/22/2008 Fresno, CA Investigators say 17-year old Cory White had more than twice the toxic level of oxycontin in his system when he overdosed on prom night.

17-year old Cory White was a junior at El Diamante High School. People who knew him say he was a great person to hang out with.

Haylie Hoppert, a family friend, says "He was nice, pretty quiet at points. He's very tall and smiley."

Now, family and friends are mourning his death. Police were called to apartments on West Cypress Avenue after Cory went to his high school prom. When emergency crews arrived, Cory was dead. Now, toxicology reports say Cory had almost three times the toxic levels of the drug oxycontin in his system.

Ozzie Dominguez, Visalia Police, says "The toxic level is the level where you risk running a serious health risk. If you do have more than twice that level you're going to have this kind of tragic event occur.

Police have named two suspects in relation to Cory White's death, a 15 and 17 year old. Investigators will soon hand their case over to the District Attorney's office who will decide if these two minors will face criminal charges.

Students say drug use is common among their peers.

Haylie Hoppert says, "I do know a few people that have stopped because of the death. It is a tragic reminder of what drugs can do to you."

In the El Diamante yearbook, Cory is listed as a member of the wrestling and junior varsity football teams.

As police continue to gather the details surrounding White's death, many say those who loved him are taking his death hard.

Bryce Duvall, an El Diamante H.S. student, says, "A lot of people are hurt. I had some close friends who are really hurt by it but then there were other people who were just like, whatever."

Police aren't releasing the names of the two juvenile suspects but say they could face serious consequences if they're charged.

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