Some Santa Cruz Evacuees Return Home

5/26/2008 Santa Cruz, CA Gayle and Steven Bloomquist have made the 7-mile drive up Eureka Canyon Road many times since they moved in to their home two years ago but today, it's different. This is the first time the Bloomquists will be allowed to stay overnight since the fire started Thursday. Their home was untouched by the flames.

"The vegetation on the hillside completely gone and completely burned," said Gayle Bloomquist.

"luck, luck and the fire department," said Steven Bloomquist.

The saying goes, "Home is where the heart is," but for Steven it's also where the favorite chair is.

Norm Galli came to check for some friends, Peter and Cameron Cimino, at the temporary fire information center across from the Corralitos Market. He hasn't seen or heard from them and is hoping for the best. "hopefully they're okay, but we still don't know," said Norm Galli.

Irene Terronez made her daughter's wedding dress for her date on June 7th. Her family lives in the last house next to the evacuation line on Eureka Canyon Road. They were back in on Thursday night, but there wasn't a lot of sleep. "The hard part was every time I heard a siren, you know, my body would cringe, and okay, what's on fire now," said Irene Terronez.

Tonight, the Bloomquists will be able to sleep in their own bed. The danger has passed, their house still stands, and that is music to their ears.

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