Adults Leave Kids in Locked, Hot Car at Casino

Madera, CA Pogue said surveillance video captured the man and woman leaving the car and going into the casino. The two were eventually arrested. Investigators believe on the way to jail, Saephan and Lee had methamphetamine and hid it in the patrol car. Pogue said, "We located a small piece of white plastic with a white powdery substance in it, underneath the rear seat of the patrol vehicle."

Deputies released Lee from custody before finding the drugs. They believe she is now hiding avoiding arrest. Fouchoy's defense attorney tried to convince the judge. He shouldn't go to trial because the children aren't his. The defense attorney said, "He was attempting to find the mother who left her children in the car. He actually did return to the car to come back and be with the children." The judge didn't agree and held Fouchoy for trial. He returns to court in June.

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