Mining Death Funeral

Fresno, CA Over 500 people packed Peoples Church. Those who spoke said Sharf and the two Alison brothers were adventurers who died doing what they loved best.

"Looking around this room it's so evident to me how much an impact these boys had," said sister Tammy Alison.

Inside Peoples Church there was hardly an empty seat. Family and friends shared their feelings and stories about Brannon Sharf and his cousins, brothers David and Matthew Alison. The three best friends died on a quest for gold.

Jarrod Sharp said: "I've realized your souls have been set loose so at the golden gates wait for me when my time comes."

"And in a moment like this that is the question that we ask. Why now? Why at this time? In their lives would they be taken from us?" said Pastor Terry Townsend.

Last Saturday evening family learned the tragic fate of these three best friends. Carbon monoxide from a water pump generator entered the gold mine, killing them. Pastor Townsend tried to make sense of the loss for the mourning crowd. "We live our lives and sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes have serious consequences because god gives us that autonomy to go a head and live our lives."

Both families created a scrap book of memories. Sharf's aunt spoke about him recently completing his first triathlon. "Brannon we are so proud of you and everything you accomplished. I know you're watching over us from up in heaven."

Tammy Alison called her two brothers devout Christians who lit up rooms whenever they entered.

Alison said: "You couldn't be around them and not have a smile on your face. David and Matthew loved life and lived every second of their lives to the fullest."

After the service family and friends made there way to the Clovis cemetery. These young men were buried together--side by side.

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