Anti-Car Burglary Campaign

Fresno, CA The campaign is a way officers are working to educate and protect you from falling victim to a thief so far, 500 flyers have been placed on cars here in southeast Fresno and the unique warnings are working.

It's obvious just by browsing through one parking lot, the message is sinking in.

Mark Hudson, Fresno Police Department: "Their mounting device is still in the window but the g-p-s device isn't there. We're seeing a lot of club steering wheels in this parking lot to stop a thief from taking the whole car so we're actually we're seeing people are taking notice to the flyers we're leaving."

Fresno police say the "if I were a thief" campaign has proven a hit. The reminders warn potential victims that something about their car is inviting to a thief. It could be valuables in clear view or an unlocked door.

"So if I was a car thief I'm gonna look for these things and I could have just as easily while you were inside the store instead of left this, I could have been a car thief."

Last month before passing out flyers at shopping centers and apartment complexes in southeast Fresno, police noticed break in's up 41 percent in that area and 25 percent citywide.

Now break in's are down 39 percent in southeast 52 percent citywide.

The success has prompted police to take their efforts to every part of Fresno hoping residents remove their risk before it's too late.

Police want the public to know what they see everyday, if there's no opportunity there's no crime.

"We decided if we targeted the victim in this crime triangle we'll be able to reduce the crime by eliminating the target."

Police are also making sure past criminals in the neighborhood are staying honest.

Officers are continuing regular probation and parole searches everyday to make sure prior offenders are not back to their old ways.

Officers typically hang out in parking lots where they've handed out flyers until customers return to their cars. Summer is a busy time for car thieves so this is a perfect season for the reminder.

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