Honoring the Fallen

5/24/2008 Easton, CA "We put crosses and flags for the people who were in the war," said 7 year old Cub scout Logan Randolph, who participated in the Memorial Day weekend tradition for the first time.

Patrick Samford was also a cub scout when he first participated about 7 years ago. "Giving back to the community and respecting all those who died in the wars, it feels really good," said Samford.

The Boy Scout troops and Cub Scout packs are from Easton and Caruthers. They and the troops before them have gone to the cemetery for more than a decade to honor the fallen and help aging veterans.

Parent volunteer Sue Ruiz said the Veterans were initially hesitant to take advantage of the extra help, but through the years, the scouts have proven their worth. "At first when I brought the boys they were afraid we would do it wrong and we wouldn't do it right. And a few years later, the phone calls I got, 'You're bringing those kids out there, right? Because we need to those young legs out there running around!'" said Ruiz.

Crosses made by veterans' wives and some women who served in world war two now mark the final resting place for our country's heroes. A Boy Scout purchased the large flags as part of his Eagle Scout project. "We held a yard sale a couple of weeks back and we made 814 dollars," said 17 year old Brian Phillips.

As veterans age, there is a concern the tradition of honoring the fallen in ways like this will die. But Saturday, the boy scouts said they intend to be here next year and the years to come.

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