Juicy Dish on "Sex and the City"

5/31/2008 Carrie and the girls are just as we left them; fabulous, beautiful and even closer than ever.

Dust off those manolo's and grab your cosmopolitan, after 4 restless years, the girls are back.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie, says "It took so much work. It's been two long years but it's been worth every effort."

Sex and the City, the movie, picks up four years from where the Emmy award winning show left off. Kim Catrall, Samantha, says "Instead of people forgetting about it like a valentine, our audience base tripled-quadrupled."

Sarah Jessica Parker's character is known for donning many designer labels, and once again she dusted off her famed producer hat for the movie. "I always felt very certain about the script. It was the one thing in the past two years that I felt very assured of," says Parker.

Michael Patrick King, Director, says "What the series did was put some power, height in high heels, to you can be good by yourself."

Many believe New York defined the show, which showcased single-city life with style, humor, and a shoulder from a friend likely draped with a Louie. The movie has big shoes to fill, manolo's of course.

Chris Noth, Mr. Big, says "Deeper than the series; as funny but deeper. More dimension, it's a big screen experience and it holds the screen."

If the show's fifth character was New York, the sixth had to be fashion.

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson is the latest addition to the cast. "I'm a bag girl. I love purses, so I'm like wow Louise gets to carry all these bags, maybe they'll let Jennifer have them after the fact."

And the even bigger question than if Mr. Big and Carrie will finally tie the knot is if the fans will be as crazy about the movie as the series.

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