Costly High School Prank

Merced, CA Police believe as many as 60 students may have been involved in the prank that led to a pig being put down. Officers say the seniors also caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Caleb Borge, Gustine High Senior: "My part of the whole prank was I just stood there and watched."

Caleb Borge says it didn't take long for the senior class prank at Gustine High School to get out of hand early Friday morning.

Caleb Borge: "Some kids got into classrooms and started destroying stuff and then they broke into the office and started stealing stuff."

Police were called to the campus around 1:30am. Officers say students had broken into buildings, destroyed text books, sprayed graffiti, and released several animals from the school's agriculture program. One pig broke its leg and had to be put down. And the superintendent says one teacher's military medals were stolen.

Caleb Borge: "It was basically just a senior prank that went wrong."

The marquis outside the school now includes a line that simply says "take responsibility." Administrators say they're still interviewing students to find out who is responsible, and that no punishment will be handed down until the investigation is complete. Some students and parents we spoke with say they heard the senior class may have to pay for the damage with money that was supposed to be used for a senior trip. But the superintendent tells action news that's only an option if the students voluntarily vote to hand over those funds.

Kevin Bettencourt, Gustine High School Parent: "I think if you just use the funds from the senior class it's not going to teach them anything. They're just missing their trip."

Kevin Bettancourt says he believes only the students behind the prank should have to pay. And now he's just hoping his sophomore son will learn from the seniors' mistake.

Kevin Bettencourt: "He can learn by this know what not to do when he becomes a senior hopefully."

Police say no arrests have been made in this case, but it's too early to tell if anyone will be arrested in the days to come.

There's no word yet on whether this will keep any of the seniors from taking part in graduation ceremonies.

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