Dave Hawk Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charge

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This is the photograph taken when Dave Hawk was booked on those murder charges. Prosecutors admit there is no new evidence in the case but they still say they are confident they can convict Dave Hawk.

Dave Hawk plead "not guilty" Friday afternoon to charges he murdered Debbie Hawk. He is being held here at the Kings County Jail, away from other inmates. Earlier Friday, we learned prosecutors could pursue the death penalty in this case.

Dave Hawk made no expression as you can see in these still images of him during Friday afternoon's arraignment. His attorney says hawk is devastated by the first degree murder charges against him.

Marc Coleman, Dave Hawk's Attorney: "He's doing terrible, he's in custody set with no bail he misses his family."

Hawk was arrested during a traffic stop Thursday afternoon at Grangeville Boulevard and 15th Avenue. He's accused of killing his ex-wife, Debbie Hawk, who went missing from her home nearly two years ago. Her body has never been found. After his arrest, investigators searched his home. Hawk's attorney says they took several of his personal items.

Marc Coleman: "They took cameras, binoculars, a computer and some various paperwork."

Prosecutors admit they have no new evidence. Hawk's arrest was a matter of timing due to special circumstances.

Larry Crouch, Prosecutor: "The truth of the matter is we've got no new evidence and, and it's the evidence that's accumulated over the years."

In a brief news conference earlier in the day, Hanford Police and the Kings County District Attorney's Office revealed more about the murder charge against Hawk.

Shane Burns, Assistant District Attorney: "And alleging a special circumstance that murder was committed for financial gain."

Right now Dave Hawk is facing embezzlement and perjury charges after prosecutors say he stole more than $300-thousand dollars from his children's trust funds. The DA's office says that case is still expected to go to trial in July.

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