Hawk Case Shrouded in Secrecy

5/30/2008 Fresno, CA The whole morning has been shrouded in secrecy from the very beginning, from the prosecutors to law enforcement officials. In fact, they were hesitant to tell us which room this press conference would be held in up until just minutes before the press conference began at 10am.

This community has been hungry for any new development on the disappearance of Hanford mother Debbie Hawk. This morning they heard just a few words about Dave Hawk's arrest.

Dave Hawk is in a cell all by himself, away from the general population for the murder of his ex-wife Debbie.

The district attorney's office would only reveal the charge he faces, giving the south Valley just a slight clue on the suspected motive in the case that has gripped the community for two years.

The District Attorney's office filed one complaint against David Hawk, charging him with first degree murder of Debbie Hawk and alleging a special circumstance that the murder was committed for financial gain.

Before Hawk's arrest on the murder charge, he was accused of taking money out of his children's trust funds. Hawk was named as a suspect after Debbie disappeared on June 13, 2006.

Police say evidence at Debbie's Hanford home showed she was assaulted and taken against her will.

Authorities confirm that no evidence of Debbie Hawk's has ever been found. We expect to find out more about what led officers to arrest Dave Hawk now for Debbie's murder, as opposed to months, or even years ago.

Some of Debbie Hawk's friends say they were both relieved and sad when they heard the news that Dave Hawk was arrested. Close to a dozen long time friends showed up at Friday's press conference to hear what police had to say. Even though they say they didn't learn any new information, they say that didn't bother them and they seemed pleased that police were quite quiet.

"Not really surprised at the lack of information, which is encouraging to me because I wouldn't want them to do anything to jeopardize the case so it sounds to me like they're just doing their job and pressing on."

"Even if this doesn't play out here, it's going to play out in the afterlife. First and foremost I wanted to bring Debbie home, but I'll take this and just keep looking."

Debbie Hawk's friends have spent the past two years looking for their friend by posting flyers around town and even offering reward money.

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