Last Minute Campaigning

6/1/2008 Fresno, CA Ashley Swearingen spent Sunday afternoon in northwest Fresno, knocking on doors in her own precinct and hand delivering surveys to voters. In the last few months, she and her supporters have delivered 50 thousand of them to the people most likely to vote.

"We deliver the surveys people have a chance to fill them out they can deliver them to me with at no charge to them. That's something that's a hallmark of this campaign is inviting direct input not just telling people what I think but finding out what's important to them too," said Swearingen.

Across town, opponent Jeff Eben also went door to door, targeting people who didn't vote absentee. He said deciding which voters to target is almost a science. "If they haven't decided yet, we want to convince them that I'm the candidate. And if they have decided and they're voting for us I want to make sure they go out and vote because it's going to be a low voter turnout and every vote counts," said Eben.

Henry T. Perea spent Sunday morning at a southwest Fresno church, where he was given a chance to speak to the congregation. "Over the last couple of days I've spoken to veterans, I've spoken to seniors. I've also spoken to young professionals in various settings and different groups. So we are just out everywhere talking about our vision for Fresno what we want to do if people give me the chance to be the next mayor," said Perea.

Perea and Swearingen are the frontrunners in the race according to an exclusive Action News polls conducted by Survey USA.

After months of campaigning, the next goal for all 11 candidates is to make it on the November ballot. After Tuesday, two mayoral candidates will likely face off in a November runoff. That's unless one candidate gets a majority of the votes.

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