Valley Man Dies in Fire Trying to Save Dog

June 2, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
A Madera County man died in a fire early Sunday morning and his friends say he'd still be alive if he hadn't tried to save his dog. The fire swept over a trailer home on Avenue 14 near Road 29.Some neighbors believe 63-year old Rollin Crane was trying to save his dog Snoopy from burning alive and got caught in the smoke and fire that raged through his home.

Firefighters say the house was completely engulfed when they arrived.

One of Crane's best friends spent much of Sunday salvaging pictures and personal items for Crane's family.

He said its fitting Crane gave his life trying to save his dog. Richard Imel, best friend, says "That's why he is where he is now. He's always said that my dog is my soul-mate without him I have nothing."

Snoopy's now living with Crane's family members. County investigators plan to figure out the cause of the fire later this week.