Obama, Clinton Fight to the End

6/2/2008 The marathon democratic primary season may reach the finish line this week when South Dakota and Montana hold the last nominating contests.

Hillary Clinton is still in the race. In Puerto Rico she beat Barack Obama, two to one. The former first lady argues she is ahead in the popular vote. "Together we've won the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada and yes, Michigan, and Florida."

But Obama has the most delegates.

Campaigning in South Dakota, the democratic frontrunner continued to criticize the likely republican nominee. "John McCain is a genuine American hero, but he is running to continue George Bush's policies."

This weekend the question of what to do with the early primary results from Florida and Michigan was answered. A compromise was reached when the Democratic Party ruled to allow their delegations to go to the convention, but only cast half votes.

Mark Mellman, Democratic pollster, says "I really think the party is going to come together after Tuesday's voting is over. I think we'll see a number of superdelegates declare their intentions and then the math is going to become very, very clear."

Obama is now 48-and-a-half delegates away from the Democratic Party's magic number to win the nomination. But Clinton says she may not abide by that number.

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