Political Ramifications of Edwards' Affair

8/9/2008 John Edwards is certainly not the first politician to be caught having an affair. But some have seen their careers suffer more than others.

ABC30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi says Edwards' admission could cost him a key position in the White House. "Frankly I think he was one of the leading candidates to become Attorney General of the United States if Obama had won the election, and I think now that's gone."

Capozzi says the affair also knocks Edwards off the list of possible vice presidential candidates.

But valley congressman and fellow democrat Jim Costa says Edwards was already out of the running. "I think first of all he has not been seriously under consideration as a vice presidential candidate for months."

Costa and Capozzi both agree that Edwards' infidelity will not likely impact the public's perception of the democratic party as a whole because cheating has proven to be a non-partisan problem. But Capozzi says it could raise other questions ahead of the November election.

"Did Obama know about this? That might be a question that might be asked. If he knew about it, was Edwards still in consideration for the vice presidency? Was he still a close adviser to Obama? Those are questions that I think the reps might be asking here," says Capozzi.

Representative Costa answered our questions about Edwards during a press conference to promote a new bi-partisan energy bill in downtown Fresno Friday. He says he's confident American citizen's care more about finding solutions to rising gas prices and reducing dependence on foreign oil than they do about Edwards' affair.

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