Overseas Campaigning

7/18/2008 Senator Obama is preparing for a foreign tour that will take him half-way around the world. It will include visits with allies in Europe and the Mideast and stops in the battleground countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nations across the world are anticipating Sen. Obama's first official overseas trip as a presidential candidate. But that attention could quickly turn to criticism if the likely democratic nominee makes a serious foreign policy mistake.

Obama will attempt to balance projecting a new, more cooperative, American role in the world, without appearing to criticize President Bush while abroad. One of his stops will be a return visit to Iraq

George Stephanopoulos, ABC's This Week, says "He is going to be talking to commanders who disagree with the time line he's set out for Iraq and somehow he's got to find a way to show that he's listening to the commanders, but is not giving up on his principles."

Obama is also expected to make his first visit to Afghanistan. John McCain, who was overseas in the spring, says it's about time Obama is going there. "I'm glad he's going to Afghanistan for the first time. It's astounding that he's never been."

The McCain campaign has been critical of the large media contingent that is traveling with Obama overseas.

He is kicking off a tour of swing states beginning with a GM plant in Michigan that is expected to produce a 100% electric car. "This car is just a start. This new technology will create hundreds of thousands of jobs over times."

While Obama is out of the country, McCain will focus on domestic issues like jobs, energy, and health care.

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