Tulare County Supervisor's Race

Tulare, CA Public safety, smart growth and the economy are the hot issues in this year's Tulare County Supervisors Races.

In district one, incumbent Allen Ishida says since he has worked hard at improving public safety by helping the county create its own county-run fire department and retain sheriff's deputies. He also helped lobby for more federal officers in our national parks to rid illegal marijuana gardens. But Ishida says one of his top priorities is clean water.

Allen Ishida: "My district has a high concentration of nitrates and mostly its unincorporated communities."

His opponent, Guy Christian, is a district attorney investigator. Christian would like to see improvements in public safety. But he says an even bigger priority will be reaching out to the community he hopes to serve.

Guy Christian: "I think community values need to be established in our community we need to touch bases more with what our constituency feels is important for the board to do and the board to support."

23-year old Pete Vander Poel is looking to fill Connie Conways seat on the board in the district two race. He's a Tulare native and current dairy comptroller and says it's critical to strike a balance between urban growth and agriculture.

Pete Vander Poel: "It's definitely essential that we preserve our Ag background and heritage since that is the economic engine of Tulare County and we just need to make sure that as we grow we grow intelligently.

His opponent, Patrick Isherwood, is an administrator with the probation department. He thinks the county should focus on its neediest communities.

Patrick Isherwood: "Gang issues, Ag crime burglaries all those elements need the support of public safety in our rural areas and I think that's very important that the rural communities get the support that they are desiring and need

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