Fresno Mayoral Candidates Head to Polls

6/3/2008 Fresno, CA Poll workers at Fort Miller middle school in central Fresno processed a ballot from a familiar face.

Fresno mayoral candidate, Henry T. Perea and his wife, Yahaira voted this morning and hoped for the best to return on the ballot in the fall.

Perea says his campaign will stay on target, pushing his message to improve Fresno from the inside, out. "Talk about issues like gangs and meth, like air quality and creating more jobs in the city so I'm looking forward to having that conversation should the voters give me a chance to go to November."

Almost at the same time in north Fresno, mayoral candidate, Ashley Swearengin personally brought in her mail-in ballot to a polling place along with her husband, Paul.

Swearengin proudly calls herself the outside candidate. She says she wants to bring change to old politics. "People are looking for an outsider who's independent from the politics of the past. I know that would take a little while to get that message out but it would catch fire and that's exactly what's happened."

Although the field is crowded with 11 people running for Fresno's next mayor, polls have shown Perea and Swearengin are likely headed to the November run-off.

Each hopes even with a low voter turnout expected today voters will make their voices heard.

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