Sen. Kennedy Leaves Hospital after Surgery

6/9/2008 Last Monday, the Massachusetts democrat underwent surgery to remove a malignant brain tumor. At first, doctors believed his condition was too aggressive for surgery and the procedure too risky.

The tumor was located in the left-rear part of his brain in an area that controls speech and language.

After three hours on the operating table, doctors called the surgery a success. The senator himself told his wife, he felt like a million bucks.

Doctors have been analyzing the tumor, but haven't announced any results. "They could test the tumor for various responses to different kinds of therapy. So with more tumor in hand, so to speak, they can do more tests that might be helpful in mapping out the treatment program," said ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson.

Throughout his treatment, the 76-year-old has showed few signs of slowing down. Just one day after his diagnosis, he was back on the water, at the helm of his sailboat.

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