New Allegations against Local Bishop

Fresno, CA Bishop Schofield is once again defending himself. He admits to transferring assets from the Episcopal Church to his new diocese called Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin. But Bishop Schofield said what he is doing is not stealing but protecting what he rightfully controls. He told Action News, "We are the diocese, and we voted to become part of the Southern Cone. The Episcopal Church is coming here saying wait a minute but we voted to leave."

Even calling Schofield a bishop is being disputed by Nancy Key, "Mister .. Mr. Schofield is no longer a bishop in the Episcopal Church." Key is the communication's director for the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, the group fighting Schofield. They want control of millions of dollars in assets and to oust Schofield from Saint James Cathedral. It's a dispute over the bible and homosexuals. Last year, Schofield led a vote to leave the US Episcopal Church and realign itself with an Anglican church in Argentina. Keys said what Schofield did was illegal but won't destroy the church. Key said, "The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is alive and well and rebuilding after what's been a really terrible, terrible tearing of its fabric."

Eventually a jury or a judge will have to resolve all these issues. This lawsuit is in the early stages. But all sides agree they want to know who the true bishop in the valley is so the church can heal.

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