Low Voter Turnout

Fresno, CA This is the second election this year. And some around the valley say having to cast another vote at the polls has cast a pall on the process.

Victor Salazar, Fresno Co. Registrar of Voters: "Unfortunately, we're looking at the polls and finding very, very light activity."

Fresno County Registrar of Voters Victor Salazar calls it a case of voter fatigue.

Victor Salazar: "So what it tells me is that we've gotta be careful about having too many elections and separating key races from the local races."

Jackie McCoy doesn't care how many elections are held she'd vote at all of them. She has to drive 30 miles from Piedra to do it. And she refuses to vote absentee.

Jackie McCoy: "Well, things can change you can find out more information about a candidate or a proposition, things come out, and if you've already voted there's your vote it's already in there."

Robert Williams had the place to himself when he voted. He believes turnout would have been much better if the valley could vote on a national race.

Robert Williams: "I don't know why they would separate those elections like that from having it all at one time but it would be more exciting I think and a lot of people would be more interested in it."

At chandler airport a dozen polls, but only one voter when we were there. At 2:15 this afternoon just 35 voters had been here to cast a ballot. At Lincoln Elementary 20 people voted by 2 o'clock. Joyful White has been a poll clerk for 55 years and says it's one of the worst turnouts she's ever seen.

Joyful White, Poll Clerk: "I think they just plain don't care. They figure one is as good as the other one and none of them is gonna do right."

Not only is Fresno voting for a mayor Tuesday but 3 city council members and 2 county supervisors. Very important roles that will shape the future of Fresno.

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