Voters Say No to Jeff Denham Recall

6/4/2008 Senator Denham celebrated his victory in Modesto Tuesday night, and as you can imagine, he's a very happy man.

Denham was greeted by a room full of supporters shortly after the results came in. Many have been campaigning for him for the past several months, urging his constituents to vote no on the recall.

Senate President pro-tem Don Perata launched the recall effort last summer, and then formally called it off in May, saying it was time to politics aside to focus on more important issues. But by that time it was too late to take Senator Denham's name off the ballot.

Tuesday night Denham thanked everyone who supported him and said he hopes no one else has to go through what he and his family and staff have faced.

Supporters of the recall have said it was a way to hold Denham responsible for broken campaign promises. But Denham says it was an attempt to bully him into voting for an unbalanced budget.

Denham says now legislators need to work together to approve a budget. He said he's hoping an agreement can be reached before the end of the summer.

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