Gay Marriage Battle in California

KFSN The battle to overturn or keep intact the California Supreme Court ruling allowing same sex marriage is expected to be an expensive slugfest. ProtectMarriage.Com, which helped put the initiative on the November ballot, hopes to raise millions for TV ads and other campaign materials.

Everett Rice, "We project based on the media markets and opposition, who has deep pockets with business organizations that it's going to be quite expensive. We project between $10-15 million will be needed."

Steve Smith, "We're going to have to match that dollar for dollar."

That's the only thing same sex marriage supporters agree with regarding this initiative.

Steve Smith: "Very often in CA politics, because it's such a TV-oriented state, it really is waged on the airwaves."

The initiative group relied heavily on Conservatives to fund their effort and will likely turn to them for the March to November. Irvine-based Fieldstead donated $400,000. The Knights of Columbus Headquarters gave $250,000. And San Diego-based developer Terry Caster gave nearly $183,000.

Gay and human rights group will likely lean on liberal San Francisco and Hollywood for a lot of their big money, though lots of donations from outside California are expected to pour in.

Leslie Jordan, Gay Actor: "It's going to happen. It's going to happen in my lifetime. I'm not worried about it."

The California Supreme Court has until June 16th to decide whether to allow same sex marriages or delay its order until after the November election.

If the marriages proceed in two weeks, and then voters ban it months later, one legal expert believes those marriages would still be valid.

Prof. Lawrence Levine, J.D., McGeorge School of Law: "There is nothing in the initiative that I can find that would affect these legal marriages."

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