New Details: Bullard High School Stabbing

Fresno, CA Fresno police and sheriff deputies were sent on a wild goose chase this morning looking for a suspect that didn't even exist. It was all a cover-up for a strange pact by two 16 year old friends who wanted to strengthen their relationship.

Investigators say the Bullard High School Sophomores made a secret pact and even wrote up a contract for it. The bizarre plan called for one teen to bring a knife to school. Once on campus, the other girl would stab her friend once in the stomach. The girls said it was all done in the name of friendship.

Jeff Cardinale, Fresno Police Dept.: "From what we understand from the suspect and victim this was a planned event, they talked about doing yesterday and agreed to carry it out today."

Megan Dodson, Victim's Friend: "Wow, is all I can say. Wow."

A third girl who saw what happened lied to police, at first saying the girl was stabbed on her way to school, by a man who tried to rob her. That brought dozens of worried parents to school, and led to an all out manhunt by Fresno Police and the Sheriff's Department.

Jeff Cardinale: "She also could face charges of obstructing a police officer in the course of their duty because it resulted in 4 schools being put on lockdown and dozens of officers patrolling not only this campus but this entire neighborhood."

Police say the suspect and the victim had even prepared what they would tell everyone but their stories fell apart after some tough questioning.

We found out what occurred the girls were emotional there were some tears I'm sure they regret initially lying and the whole situation.

Fresno Unified says the girls are facing more than just criminal charges.

Peri Lynn Turnbull, FUSD Spokesperson: "Having a weapon on campus would be an expellable offense. We will now take the students through the normal process and that will begin immediately."

Bullard High will have counselors on hand on Thursday to talk with students about what happened.

Daniel Perez, Victim's Friend: "I don't know why they would plan something to get stabbed and put yourself in that kind of pain."

Fresno Unified left a recorded message at the homes of Bullard High students as well as students from the other three schools to let them know what happened.

The girl who was stabbed is doing ok but both teens are facing charges of possession of a deadly weapon on campus.

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