Visalia Cow Attack in Tire Shop

6/4/2008 Fresno, CA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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It's not every day you get attacked on the job by a cow.

Carroll's Tire Warehouse employees in downtown Visalia along with their customers the shop got an unexpected visitor. Surveillance cameras picked up the intruder as she walked in and went after her first target.

Cow attack victim Mario Sanchez said, "It seemed like a nice cow at first and then, I knew something was wrong with it kept coming at me."

Across the garage Frank Bautista saw what was going on. Tried to help and got chased. ""He goes 'hey come here Betsey' that's when she charged," said Bautista.

After a few bumps the cow gave up and headed down Main Street where it was recaptured by workers from the Visalia Livestock Market a few blocks away.

Nobody was hurt in the incident.

The wayward cow was sold at auction on Wednesday.

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