Local Getaway Hoping to Boost Business

Fresno, CA That's why the Pines Resort is offering a different kind of getaway, hoping to boost business. The deal is 15 gallons of two dollar gas for two people staying two nights in a row.

Pines General Manager Paul Ratchford said: "We thought it was great timing. We're one of the few resorts that happens to own their own gas station, so we're able to offer a reduced per gallon price."

Business visitor Carmo Rodrigues said: "Not only to experience the great outdoors here. But also that I'm getting a break but if I go somewhere else I may not get that break."

And once you get to your vacation destination there's yet another concern prices. Here on the dock you'll pay at least 4.99 a gallon.

For the first time in decades, a local realtor says the owners of vacation rentals on Bass Lake are also offering incentives to make up for skyrocketing gas prices." Realtor Carole Severe said: "They either give them a 75 or 200 dollar gift certificate sort of thing for the gas or take it off the rent."

At Miller's Landing the general manager says if gas prices keep going up, more people may just decide to enjoy the water closer to home. Miller's Landing GM Kevin Miller said: "It's a shorter trip. I think it'll pay off. I think we're going to get local business up."

Both the Pines and the rental owners will offer their gas incentives thru Labor Day, hoping with a little help oil and water can mix.

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