Man Arrested for Murder that Happened 2 Years Ago

Fresno, CA "We don't know all of the details in terms of what transpired inside that duplex" said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer at a news conference Wednesday.

But police know the deadly outcome. And so does Lenze Rodriguez who was inside that southwest Fresno apartment two years ago.

"This is my brother James the one that died. This is Joey the one that's paralyzed and Nicole the other one that passed away." said Rodriguez pointing at pictures of her family.

Instead of candles and birthday songs filling the night lights from an ambulance warned residents something was wrong. Investigators claim Martin Hernandez showed up to the Rodriguez birthday party looking for his Chihuahua. After an argument police say Hernandez returned with a gun and opened fire.

"It is a senseless act of violence that occurred over someone missing their dog," said Dyer.

Hernandez managed to escape to Mexico. But June 5th U.S. Marshals, acting on a tip, arrested him crossing back into the United States. Hernandez now faces several charges including the murder of 23-year old James Rodriguez and his girlfriend 22-year old Nicole Allen.

Lenze Rodriguez said: "I'm relieved. I'm happy. I mean it brings back the past but you know I'm happy that he was caught. There's been a peace."

Rodriguez and Allen were with their three children when the shooting happened: A 5-year old daughter, 3-year old son and a one-month old baby boy who saw the shooting. One neighbor who knows the Rodriguez's said the deaths still haunt this complex.

"It's not gonna close the chapter on it because they gonna still be aware of the memories of what happened and why it happened."

Rodriguez's bail has been set at 3-million dollars. He will be arraigned Thursday afternoon.

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