Baseball Bulldogs Diverted by Storm

6/12/2008 Fresno, CA The Fresno State Baseball Team where headed for the College World Series when their flight got diverted To Lincoln, Nebraska.

Some might joke that Fresno State's path through the playoffs to get to the College World Series was a white knuckler, but there was no joking around when the team endured a white knuckle flight through those deadly Midwest storms Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, the players assembled at Beiden Field to begin their journey to Omaha, site of the College World Series. The team left Fresno Yosemite International by charter, but while e-route to Omaha got word of severe storms.

Shrouded in pitch blackness, punctuated by lightning, the turbulent flight was diverted to Lincoln, Nebraska. "There were definitely some green and white faces. I don't think many of the guys on this trip have seen a Midwest thunderstorm, certainly not at this level. It was a brand new experience for a lot of em and definitely some anxious times and white knuckles holding onto the seats as we were getting ready to land in Lincoln," said Fresno State Sports Information Director Steve Weakland.

The team then bussed the final 45 miles from Lincoln to Omaha, Steve Weakland told Action News there was a huge sigh of relief from the players when they were told they would make the final leg of the journey by bus, and they would not have to board a plane again.

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