Marijuana Bust in a Fresno County Cornfield

Fresno, CA Deputies spent the morning chopping paths through a cornfield that hid tens of thousands of marijuana plants. A week-long investigation lead detectives to this farm house northwest of Sanger.

They arrested eight people last night in connection with the bust, including two juveniles. One person got away. Investigators say they stopped about 120-million dollars worth of pot from hitting the streets.

Dep. Chris Curtice, Fresno County Sheriff's Dept: "This is probably the largest single marijuana grow we've had to date. Thirty-thousand plants in this, in this small field. It's about a 300 yard by 100 yard field full of corn and marijuana."

There were several barnyard animals at the home including horses. One of the suspects was allowed to feed them last night before he was booked into jail and the SPCA was called out to help.

All eight suspects face several drug and conspiracy charges.

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