Dave Hawk in Court for Murder Charges

Hanford, CA Debbie's friends say just a few of them are going ot get together to remember the Hanford mother. Several of them showed up to court today where Dave Hawk appeared on charges for her murder.

Dave Hawk walked into court shackled and in a black and white jumpsuit. He's being held without bail, accused of murdering his ex-wife, Debbie. In court, Hawk's attorney said he needs more time to look over all the evidence relating to Debbie's murder.

Kings County Deputy District Attorney, Larry Crouch says, "It is 4,000 pages and 20 CDs full of information. It's a lot of material."

In court, prosecutors agreed to give back items taken during a search of Dave Hawk's home after he was arrested on embezzlement charges. Mark Coleman, Dave Hawk's attorney, says, "There's a lot of things he wants to get back. Most importantly, he wants to get back things that belong to his family. His daughters and his son that aren't involved with him that belong to his family."

Friday marks the two year anniversary of Debbie Hawk's disappearance. Police say she was taken from her home against her will sometime between the night of June 12 and the morning of June 13, 2006. Blood was found in her house and in her van, discovered two days later in Fresno County. Her body has never been found. Debbie's friends say the last two years have been full of emotional ups and downs.

Debbie's friend, Teresa Voyles, says, "Truthfully, it's hard to think it's been two years. I think of her everyday so it's really just another day but still such a milestone. Two years is such a long time to be without her."

Her friends say they're happy the case is moving forward and often think of what Debbie would tell them today. Voyles says, "I think she would say 'Thank you.'"

Dave Hawk's attorney says he is trying to get bail for his client but it's more difficult since this is a Capital case. Hawk is charged with murder with a special allegation for financial gain. The special allegation means Hawk is eligible for the death penalty if attorneys decide to pursue it.

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